Allows new and existing suppliers to complete an application form

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The Supplier Approval Module enables new and existing suppliers to be assessed through an online questionnaire to provide an overall risk score. Each questionnaire is giving a score which in turn is given a colour coded band to provide a visual indication on whether or not a supplier should be accepted and the risks associated with that decision. There are also colour coded assessment criteria associated with potential spend and the value of business.

The questionnaire and scoring system can be customised to a company’s requirements. Any additional accreditations can be added and un-related ones removed you really do have freedom of choice!

The questionnaire examines a wide range of factors including:

  • Site Visit Request & Completion - Where a questionnaire or application form doesn't quite meet the requirements, a site visit can be requested by an administrator, this would allow a member of the quality department to visit the supplier and report back on their findings and if they believe the supplier should be added to the company’s supplier list.
  • Accreditation Certificates - The questionnaire allows the supplier to upload digital copies of all their accreditations. They can then proceed to enter an expiry date if one is present. When a certificate is about to expire the portal automatically duplicates their last questionnaire and emails the supplier requesting them to re-file the application with their new accreditation by sending them an email request. This allows supplier data to constantly be up to date.
  • Supplier Shutdown Calendar - The Supplier shutdown calendar enables the identification of ‘real time’ closure times for any/all suppliers. Supplier closure days for each day of the selected month can be viewed, as can a specific supplier's shutdown dates.


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